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Massage Cushions
  Introducing the Therapia Massage Cushion Therapia massage cushions  

The Therapia massage cushion works on the same principle as a hands-on massage without the need or cost of a professional therapist. It does the job as well as expensive massagers and is more comfortable to use.

This cushion can be used on any part of the body, so if you have a particular ache or pain, place it where it hurts, but wherever you place it, it will still work on the whole circulatory system.

In an armchair or sofa it fits in the neck and shoulder area for relief of tension headaches. It fits comfortably in the upper, middle or lower-back area for relief of back pain. For arthritic joints and sciatic pain place it against the hip or knee and experience relief in 5 to 10 minutes.

Place it under the calves to prevent leg cramps and at bedtime to prevent restless, fidgety legs. Rest sore, tired and aching feet on the cushion for a few minutes and feel the pain go away.

Use it on a long coach, car or plane journey reduces the swelling of feet and ankles, to prevent cramp and muscle spasms and to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) that results from sitting in one position for extended periods. Airlines supply these cushions for their passengers for the same reasons.

The Therapia massage cushion is a wonderful gift for anyone with arthritis, back problems, poor circulation and for people who work hard and come home tense or very tired. Similar benefits as a TENS device. Suitable for diabetics. Can be used in a wheelchair.

The cushion has no switch it is pressure activated and turns itself on when you press against it,and off again automatically when no contact is applied. It sits on the chair, patiently waiting for you to come home tired and aching. Sit down, it starts; get up, it stops.

The cushion is operated by 2 D-size batteries included (UK only). Used for 20-30 minutes daily they will last for about 3 months. The cover is cotton corduroy and can be removed for washing.

Cushion is supplied with full instructions and advice on usage and is packed in a handy clear 50 micron thick polythene carry bag to protect it when travelling.

Price: £25 including a free set of batteries
plus £3.50 P&P to any UK address. Price to EU countries (including airmail but excluding batteries) to EU countries: €30; USA/Rest of the World: $45. Order form not required. Cheques payable to: 'Therapia'.

* Unconditional 2-Year Guarantee

Colours available: Mink Brown, French Blue, Burgundy, Cream/Beige, Navy Blue, Rose Pink, Dark Green, Terracotta, Deep Purple and Black (colours shown here are for guide only). Actual colours may vary. Special colours and logo embroidery can be produced subject to a minimum order.

Therapia Massage Cushions
Additional Benefits

The Therapia Massage Cushion works on the same principal as devices used by physiotherapists, osteopaths and other practioners and the main benefits include:
Increase blood flow, boost circulation
Stimulate lymphatic system
Eliminate toxins and excess fluids
Improve posture, muscle tone, mobility
Reduce swollen feet/ankles/DVT risk
Ease RSI (repetitive strain injury)

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How can the cushion help with DVT?
A: Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) can be caused by long hours of relative immobility. Being confined in a seat with less than 3ft of personal space such as on a coach car, or plane can make your legs and ankles swell up and can be potentially fatal with the risk factor greater for those over 40 years and especially the elderly. Resting your feet on the Therapia Massage Cushion can reduce the risk of DVT by boosting the circulation.

Download the PDF Fact Sheet

The Therapia Massage Cushion is not a medical device. Always consult a medical professional before beginning any treatment or therapeutic programme.

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