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Massage Cushions  

Therapia Massage Cushion

Introducing the Therapia Massage Cushion - the simplest and most effective way to obtain relief from aches and pains - only £25!

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The Lavender Collection  

The Lavender Collection & Essential Oils

An exclusive range including the lovely 'Lavender Ladies', microwave teddy, lavender-fragranced aromatherapy gifts, extra aromatic lavender flower seed 'pomanders' and 40+ pure essential oils.

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Hemp Essential Oil  

Hemp essential oil

legal alternative

Cannabis Cures

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Aromatherapy Room Fragrancers  

Aromatherapy Room Fragrancers

Guaranteed Snoring Cure

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Other Products  

Other Products

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Aromatherapy Snoring Cure - Do you know someone who snores? - Cure me Free Phone: 0800 0747 319
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