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Aromatherapy Snoring Cure
  Aromatherapy Snoring Cure - Do you know someone who snores?  

Heavy snoring & sleep apnoea is no laughing matter - disrupted sleep leads to lost productivity, failed relationships and even road traffic accidents! Therapia's Ultimate Snoring Cure is a guaranteed aromatherapy remedy that combines the therapeutic properties of the natural essential oils of lavender and marjoram contained in two separate jars.

Lavender is a proven sedative, it relaxes and helps induce sleep, is good for insomnia, depression and anxiety, boosts the immune system and relieves nervous headaches.

Marjoram is widely recognised as a cure for snoring on its own. It works on the lining in the back of the throat to lessen the vibrations in the soft palate and also clears the sinuses to help you breathe more easily. It is also for those who don't necessarily have difficulty getting to sleep but awaken easily and cannot get back to sleep due to 'mental chatter'. On its own marjoram has been proven to help stop snoring, but combine it with lavender and we absolutely guarantee* that it will stop snoring, thus ensuring a proper night's sleep - every night - at a cost of just 30 pence per week.

Immediate, lasting results and so easy to use. Simply open the jars on the bedside table closest to the snorer two hours before going to bed. This will allow the essential oils to gradually fill the bedroom with a pleasant aroma, help you breathe more easily and stop snoring. Replace the lids in the morning. The jars will last for at least 12 months when used in this way.


Therapia Absolutely Guarantee* that by using both the Lavender & Marjoram Room Fragrancers in the bedroom as instructed they will prevent snoring.

But don't take our word for it, read this article that appeared recently in The Daily Telegraph. Click here to read article


*Use for 20 days, then 10 days to return in good condition for refund. Always keep jars upright and close lids tightly when not in use. Keep away from children, pets and direct sunlight. When the top of the sponge diffuser becomes significantly dry, replace lid and invert jar for a few minutes to recharge. Do not stand jars directly onto highly-polished or painted surfaces: use a place mat or saucer to protect surface.

Price: £18 plus £3.00 P&P to any UK address

Available from the Therapia shop or by Mail Order.

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